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Meet Dr. Alvaro Wagner Rodrigues Salles

Hi, I’m Alvaro and I specialize in orthodontics for adults, teens, and young kids. I’ve helped hundreds of patients straighten their teeth.


A little background about me:


  • I have over 30+ years of dentistry experience
  • I’m a specialist in Orthodontics
  • I have a Master & Ph.D. in Orthodontics.
  • I’ve lectured students across 3 different continents.

Is Invsialign Right For You?


Why Choose Invisalign?

Food Will Never Get Stuck In Them.

Nobody Will Even Know You're Wearing Them.

They're Practically Invisible.

What Better Way Is There To Get Your Teeth Straightened?

Easily Removable

Very Comfortable

Highly Effective

Invisalign Is Suitable For Adults, Teens, And Young Kids

Questions About Invisalign?

Does Invisalign® Really Work?

Yes! Invisalign® is a breakthrough orthodontic treatment plan, which is developed in close coordination with orthodontists. The amazing teeth straightening results have made Invisalign® a highly preferred choice in dental practices worldwide. So far, over one million patients with diverse teeth anomalies have been treated with Invisalign® globally.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

By leveraging 3-D computed imaging technology, the Invisalign® treatment plan begins with mapping the entire treatment. This involves identifying your orthodontic goals and giving you virtual results that allow you to find out how your teeth will look once the treatment is complete. This plan then further helps create a series of customized aligners that are specific to your teeth and the treatment. You will wear your custom-made aligners for about two weeks, then the next set will replace your old aligners. Through the course of treatment, you can witness your teeth gradually fall into the correct final position.

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